5 Awesome Money Saving Tips For ‘Going To The Cinema’

We aren’t the first, and we certainly won’t be the last, of people saying the Cinema is just too expensive these days. The ever rising cinema ticket costs, the outrageous hot dog prices and various additional costs all increasing on what use to be an affordable past time. Well we’ve said enough to high prices, so we’ve put together this guide to 5 ways to save money at the Cinema.

1. 2 FOR 1 Ticket Prices

Let’s get the big one out of the way first! If you are a frequent cinema goer and you can slip out of the house during the week day you need to attend Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Comparethemarket offers 2 FOR 1 on all 2D cinema tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, all you need to do is head over to their website and sign-up to one of their services. This then gives you a full year of access for 2 FOR 1, which in turn means a lot of money saved.

2. Student Discount

Are you a student? Then be sure to show your NUS card, this will put you on the lowest band of payment tier, and the jump to full priced Adult is pretty big. Also you can combine Student discount with 2 FOR 1, which gives you a double saving. From personal experience, booking online, saying you’re a student and then using a 2 FOR 1 code is never questioned, meaning you can be going to the Cinema from as little as £4 per person!

3. Midnight Feast

The prices of food at a Cinema are just outrageous! When I see people eating £7 hot dogs or £6 Nachos I just can’t believe people actually fork out for this over priced, low quality food! What you are better doing is going to your local newsagent and buying a packet of your favourite sweet and putting them in your pocket. I’ve read somewhere that it isn’t actually against the rules to bring your own food in, obviously not a full chicken banquet.

4. Advance Screenings

Now these are rare but I’ve personally been lucky, sometimes Cinemas offer customers free advance screenings of movies in return for their short feedback on the film. Usually Cinemas will run campaigns for short periods where you will need to add your email address to join the screenings. You need to keep your ears to the ground on that one.

5. Join the Cinemas Film Club

This final one is a double edged sort for a lot of people. If you visit the cinema more than 4 times a month, a Cinema pass COULD save you money. Its a lot like a gym membership, you go once a month, not worth it, go frequently, worth it. In my experience it is often cheaper to go 2 FOR 1 but that is based on my usage of the cinema. If you go a lot, then certainly consider their membership scheme.