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  • 8th January 2016

Top Discount Products from Lovehoney

We have had a lot of readers recently ask us to do a feature on Lovehoney, the popular online sex shop. Although Lovehoney isn’t our usual bread and butter, we felt it makes a nice change and gives choice to our readers. Todays article looks briefly at some of the top products to look out

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  • 3rd November 2015

Black Friday 2015

It is finally upon us again, Black Friday 2015. Last year had some phenomenal discounts across nearly all retailers and this year should be no different. As always Voucher Saver will be ready with the best discounts from your favourite retailers to ensure you save the most when the special date arrives. This year Black

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  • 8th October 2014

Save money with ebay

Buying items from eBay can give you some killer savings, but have you ever tried to purchase only to be out bid on countless occasions? If so then the likely reason behind this would be whats called an Ebay sniper. This is a piece of online software that will target specific auctions in the last

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  • 15th September 2014

Latest deals from Intrepid Travel

We all know Intrepid Travel do fantastic holidays, they offer both a diverse and unique experience which other travel providers struggle to even come close too. It is often easy to get side tracked with what deals are currently running, so we have given you a run down of the top deals right now on

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  • 12th September 2014

Looking for a particular retailer

At VoucherSaver we are always looking at new ways to help you save money. That is why we have introduced a new page to help you find the retailers you care most about. There is now a full list with hundreds of retailers, in alphabetical order, ready to be discovered. To see this for yourself, head

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  • 2nd September 2014

Save Money on Ink for your Printer

Printer ink is a costly affair, with ink cartridges frequently running out of ink at the worst possible times. Also these cartridges are not cheap, even if you shop on Amazon you will still feel the pinch on your wallet. I found this video which may help you squeeze all the ink out of your

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  • 25th August 2014

Free McDonalds

Fancy some free McDonalds?   *UPDATE* Someone has somehow been able to develop a website which makes this whole process so much easier! Go to this website http://freemcdonalds.herokuapp.com click the available meal, then add that code to your McDonalds app, you can add a total 10 at a time in one given day! Visit the 40

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  • 29th July 2014

Retailer in Focus: AX Paris

Who are they AX Paris is one the largest women’s fashion brand currently in the UK and is growing considerably into other regions and countries. Popular with the up and comers, AX Paris is stocked in stores such as House of Fraser, Nelly and ASOS. However it is AX Paris.com which catches our eye  for

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  • 28th July 2014

Retailer in Focus: Go Outdoors

Camping, Outdoor pursuits and sporting clothing are all elements which make up the hugely popular retailer Go Outdoors. With hundreds of stores dotted around the UK, Go Outdoors has become the best place to find your favourite outdoor brands. Go Outdoors even offer there very own click and collect service, which has proven hugely successful.

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  • 27th July 2014

Retailer in Focus: Austin Reed

Austin Reed is a staple British heritage retailer who stocks on the finest in suits and formal wear for men and women. The very first store opened its doors in 1911, having been founded in 1900. Since then Austin Reed has grown it’s offline and online proportion into what it is today. Austin Reed is

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