Free McDonalds

Fancy some free McDonalds?

mcdonalds logo


*UPDATE* Someone has somehow been able to develop a website which makes this whole process so much easier!

Go to this website click the available meal, then add that code to your McDonalds app, you can add a total 10 at a time in one given day!

Visit the 40 years together McDonalds campaign by going to this website and ‘share a memory’ (top left)

Add your memory that you spend at McDonalds.

Enter your email address. (recommended to be an unused one, just in case)

A scratch card should a appear, click this and it will reveal your prize.

Copy the code into the McDonalds iPhone app. (This was tested on an iPhone, may work on other phone types)

Search McDonalds UK for the right one. Then enter the code and you have 7 days to use it.

I’ve claimed a free Quarter Pounder.

Free food none the less, keep doing it every so often if you don’t like what you have won.