Retailer In Focus: Intrepid Travel

intrepid travel voucher


Morning everyone,

We are starting a new article series called ‘Retailer in focus’ From time to time we will focus on one retailer and discuss the best way to save money with them. Our analysts and journalists review the site and keep an eye on any secret tips which will help you save money with them. This week we are looking at the travel provider Intrepid Travel, we hope to get under the skin of Intrepid to make sure you have everything you need before you consider booking a trip with them.

Firstly, who is Intrepid Travel? Intrepid is a trip booking company that organise exotic adventures across the whole world. These trips tend to have more of an edge that your usual holidays, with the Arctic and Rio Carnival being a few examples of the broad nature of the adventures.

So how do you save money with Intrepid? Well there are many ways, they often provide voucher codes on a number of their trips, the closer the cut off point get the more likely they will provide a discount. The codes can be hard to find and you will need to look in the terms and conditions for a lot of them. Just because they are hidden doesn’t mean you can’t use them, always check their T&C’s as this is where the promo code will be. We also list all available and working codes on our Intrepid Travel Vouchers page.

Intrepid Travel are also very good are giving you ‘last minute deals’ with most trips having 25% off.

It is worth signing up to their newsletter as well, they don’t often send offers out (or newsletters full stop for that matter) but when they do it is worth getting in their early. They tend to announce new adventures every three months, along with fresh voucher codes.

Here are our top 3 tips for saving with Intrepid Travel

1) Check our voucher page regularly

2) Sign up to their newsletter

3) Follow them on Facebook/Twitter