Retailer in Focus: Austin Reed

Austin Reed is a staple British heritage retailer who stocks on the finest in suits and formal wear for men and women. The very first store opened its doors in 1911, having been founded in 1900. Since then Austin Reed has grown it’s offline and online proportion into what it is today. Austin Reed is part of the Austin Reed Group, which compromises of two other brands, CC and Viyella. Both of which boast a different style to AR but still keep the correct heritage which made AR famous. has a strong fondness for Austin Reed because of the way to does it’s discounting. Just so you are aware, what usually happens is an introductory 50% sale, which increases every couple of weeks by 10%. This usually ends in a 70% with a flash 48 hour (extra 10%) After this there isn’t really anymore discount to be had.

On the very rare occasion (and we mean rare) they might provide customers with their very own voucher code in a newsletter. This tends to be in the form of free delivery, so as you can imagine free delivery on an already cheap suit is going to be a steal.

They also provide multi buy offers but depending on your situation then this can often lead to more money being spent. The cheapest suit we have seen being sold went for £40, but this doesn’t happen very often so when it does make sure you purchase.

As always, we will keep you updated on our Austin Reed voucher code page, so be sure to check this out regularly for any new sale information or latest vouchers.