Complaining can get your somewhere

It isn’t human nature to enjoy complaining, it can often be awkward and not the most pleasant of experiences. However if you have had a bad experience then this can be a good opportunity to complain and receive discounts on your order / meal.

We can’t guarantee if you will receive money off or receive anything for free but if your complaint is valid, and the retailer sympathises then you should be entitled to a discount of some kind.

Our top tip, do not be aggressive! Once upon a time the person who shouted the loudest received the most, these days are long gone. Here is my top 5 tips to being a successful complainer!

  • Make sure you have valid grounds to complain, don’t lie, you will be caught out.
  • Weigh up the value of what you have just bought, a £5 item isn’t worth spending your time on but a £50 item has much more scope to reward your time.
  • Ask yourself, do you value your time? Weigh the time of complaining against how much you will receive.
  • Do not be aggressive, be polite, friendly and firm. If you shout, swear then no one will help you.
  • Know when to stop, if someone offers you compensation and you are surprised with what they offered you then take it. Don’t try and take the world. Most of the time they will be on your side.