Save money at chain restaurants

Chain restaurants can be a costly experience, perhaps you are family and when your bill is X 4 the costs really start to add up.

As a rule of thumb I don’t visit a chain restaurant unless I have 50% off in my pocket, however these only tend to be released Monday – Thursday as they tend to naturally be busy at the weekends.

Pizza Express – 50% every Wednesday. If you are an orange customer all you need to do is text ‘Film’ to 241 to receive your text. You just show this text to your waiter/waitress to receive the 50% off. (35p cost applies)

Zizzi – I would never go to Zizzi unless they offer 50% or Buy one, get second dish for £1. Avoid this restaurant if no offers are in place.

Frankie and Benny’s – similar to Zizzi, they always have a deal on. Do a search on your mobile app to find a voucher, there is always on so no excuses!

To find chain restaurant vouchers I recommend you download either Voucher Cloud or app from the Android or App Store. Voucher Saver doesn’t offer a mobile app for restaurants so check those two out for your discount.

After discounts from a chain restaurant with online delivery? Why not checkout our Domino’s Pizza voucher code!

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